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Pan Asia Bank (PABC.N0000) to remove Japanese Tantei - Taksahi Igarashi

CHRONICLE™ | Published on the mon Sep 27, 2021 10:41 pm | 287 Views

Pan Asia Bank (PABC.N0000) to take a decision to remove Japanese Tantei - Taksahi Igarshi from the board of directors by early October. New Faces to be introduced to the board. Good times for PABC share price ahead..

PABC bank is accused of encouraging Japanese to launder money through PABC Bank with the assistance of Japanese Directors which has caused in a huge foreign currency controversy and legal cases against the bank resulting in the resignation of the Chairman and the head international banking Thilani Pieris.

Japanese Director, Takshi Igarshi, Takaya Toshiyaki seems to have acted in concert with Thilani Piries and former Chairman of PABC which has resulted in the latest wave of resignations at PABC.

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