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Solar powered solutions for high electricity bills

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BAM GREEN Pvt. Ltd. declared its commitment to work within the theme ‘Sun energy for all’ as the answer to the ever-rising cost of electricity in Sri Lanka through its net metering solutions.

The installations contribute to the company’s broader aspirational goal of being supplied 100% by renewable energy. Such installations have already been successfully set up for over 30 clients throughout the country. Designed and installed by BAM GREEN, these new systems together generate sufficient clean energy, cutting electricity cost by 100% resulting in the consumer having to pay zero on electricity bills.
“We are committed to making decisions that are not only good for business and the environment, but also passing on great savings to our customers,” said Asanka B. Thennakoon, Project Engineer for BAM GREEN. “Our solar systems are built to provide free electricity for 20 years with no major maintenance. To this end, we believe in uncompromised quality, neatness and compliance to standards.”

“In a solar power system, 55% of the cost is incurred for the solar module comprising of REC – a Norwegian solar module which is one of the top three brands in the world. In addition to the solar module, the inverter, mounting mechanism or even the simplest cable tie or a nut can be a single point of failure of the system. Hence, the quality of each component is very vital,” he emphasised.

BAM Holdings started its operations in 1980 and since then, the company has continued to earn an excellent reputation for reliability. This is reflected in the quality of the products and in the timeliness of the deliveries to our clients locally and overseas. In addition to garments, BAM Holdings has acquired other business skills with methodical and modern approaches to management and training. The company operates under the guidance of its founding father, Group Chairman B.A. Mahipala.

Equipped with the world’s best technologies, BAM GREEN has managed to make an impact in the renewable energy industry in Sri Lanka with innovative solutions. The BAM Group has been in existence for over three decades in the industry and has over 4,000 employees in 12 diversified subsidiary companies. The company has chosen the sun as its future energy requirement without harming the planet.

BAM Holdings’ core business has been apparel manufacturing and vertically integrated services for the last three decades. In recent times, the company has diversified into renewable energy and the leisure industry. Currently, the company focuses on integration of solar and wind energy grid-tied systems, off-grid remote power systems and utility scale wind and solar farms.


Associate Director - Equity Analytics
Associate Director - Equity Analytics

The main hindrance for the people like us in this concept is: you have to pay 1.3 -1.5 million initially for the equipments.
They say, investing in Netmetering is viable only if your monthly bill is over 7-8000.

Rough calculations,

For the life time of 20 years, 1,300,000 / 20 /12 = 5,400.00 p.m.
Again you have to see lost return if you invest this in a FD.
1,300,000 x say 14% p.a. / 12 = 15,000.00 monthly ! ( long term effect not considered)

During day time solar panels produce power and supply to the grid and during night time you consume from the grid. You pay only for the net amount you get from the grid.
You also have to consider that, in our country, especially in wet zone; the cloud free Sun is available only for 60-65 % days each year to get enough power to the panels.

BTW, I can tell you what I do in my place to get some relief from the bill.

I have a 40W solar panel , NZ 40 battery, charge controller to protect the battery and 12V LED and CFL bulbs fixed at most used points of the house including study rooms , kitchen, front etc. ( all gadgets available in Colombo)

Solar Panel is fixed at roof top, high gain wire is used to bring power to the battery through the controller .

If you get 3-4 hrs full sun, that is enough to illuminate the house till mid night.


40W solar panel 11,000.00 ( 20 year life time)
NZ 40 car Battery 8,000.00 ( a used car Battery is OK if it is in satisfied condition)
Wire to battery 800.00
Wiring from battery 400.00
Charger controller 3,500.00
12V LED and CFL Bulbs 3000.00
Switches and miscellaneous 300.00
Design and fixing charges Nil.

Total Cost : 27,000/-

With this set up, usually I use grid supply mainly for fans, refrigeration etc.
Again, you ( or your wife) do not have to worry much about switching off lights every time you move because during next day you will get free recharge.

If we take lifetime of 20 years,
16,000 / 20 /12 = just 66.00 p.m. !

I use removed battery from car. Hence no cost is incurred.

If you buy the battery , replacement cost for battery each 3 years. 10,000 ( 3 years is possible if you use a good controller)
10,000 / 3/12 = 277.00

Then total = 343.00 p.m.


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics
their smallest off grid solution costs 149,000.00 rs with battary lasting only three years:

divide by typical electricity bill of 4000rs/month the cost = elect bill of 37 months , about three years. after which you will have to replace the battery for god knows the cost. this solar power solutions are still too costly. in addition,
by three years you may get better renewable energy solutions and these may get out of date, like computers.

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