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FINANCIAL CHRONICLE™ » CORPORATE CHRONICLE™ » The Story Of Fix Finance. ( This Story is Based on a True story Written by Deepthi Perera

The Story Of Fix Finance. ( This Story is Based on a True story Written by Deepthi Perera

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Senior Equity Analytic
Senior Equity Analytic

Story of the Fix Finance
A person Called Martin Decided to Invest in the Finance Industry in a country called Wonderland. Then he called a Person called Ben who has 3-4 decades of Experience in the Similar Business Since Martin is new to the trade. They select A Finance Company Called Fix finance. As the Next step Martin and Ben appointed a reputed Audit form for a due diligence. Then they select a Board of Directors called The Team Fix.
Few weeks later the firm delivered the Audit report, which says that the Fix Finance have few issues. And they also say their financial statements are not representing the real scenario of the company. And they say the net worth of the Company is Negative (200M) and this could be 300 by the year end with the balance provisions. And all of their lending stock is bad and there could be more NPA in the future.

Then Martin, Ben and the Team Fix Meets, They discussed two Options;

1. Take Over the Company and Manage it.
2. leave it since the liabilities could be more

During the Discussions Martin and Ben wants to go ahead with blind enthusiasm because they want to get in to the Business, Team Fix wants to consider more options. Finally Team Fix and Martin and Ben Decided to go ahead with the takeover. (Mistake Number One)
Then the Team went to meet the regulator, who welcomed the Team and told them Somehow to make this company comes back to track, and they welcomed the move.
So the happy team took over the Company.

Ben Become the CEO and The Team fix was happy to run the Company in No time The Fix Finance start to shine. During this period the Situation in the Wonderland become worst due to an ethnic conflict, And the citizen’s in the Wonderland become less paymasters and didn’t want to pay the loans they borrow from fix finance.

But the Team Fix was aggressive they knew there was an accumulated loss and needs to act fast and aggressive. So they decided to focus on a different business Model.
Martin said he knows a Hen out Golden Egg every 5 Years. He said this egg is very expensive and the whole losses can be covered with One Egg. Then the Ben and the Team investigate about the Hen and realized the Story was true, and decided to Invest on the Hen. And the Hen was so expensive and doesn’t produce the Egg till 5 Years they had an Issue about the P&L of the Company. And the Team Fix decide to Charge the Interest component of the sum invested to buy the Hen’ and they Inform this to the regulator as well. Martin Agreed until the Golden Egg is out and sold He will not take a dividend. So the Team Finance Invested on the Golden Hen. (Mistake Number Two)

Now the Fix Finance is happy and Hen is growing and looks everlasting, until one day A person called Don arrives. Don is the richest man in wonderland, He also has 3-4 finance companies and humongous number of other companies and the Group called, the Emperor Group. Don told martin to get lost, He said he is the King of Wonderland you small piece of S....t go away otherwise I will ruin you and your company. And threatened to destroy Martin.
He started to take Martin’s Staff and started spreading rumors about martin himself and his other Business, but martin and team fix silently attack in the Business. After a short while Don got in to a fix with the government of Wonderland and the regulators and Ends up in Jail. All the finance companies under Don collapsed due to a deposit Run, along with that many other small companies also started a deposit Run. This includes the Fix Finance. Unfortunate Fix finance couldn't pay back because of the money they invested in the Golden Hen. In few weeks the Fix Finance Collapsed due to the non-payment of the Depositors.

Every one around martin left him other than Ben. All the staff came to Martin, and the Depositor and the creditors, Martin Has no other Options But to be the leader to run the Business.

Emperor Group Collapsed, Don become bankrupt, Martin and the Staff started to re build the Fix Finance. Martin sold all his assets and vehicles and all what he had and gave the money to the Fix Finance. And he started selecting new members to Team Fix since the members Left him during the bad period. He told all the new members about the Golden hen. But it took many years to Martin to save the Fix Finance. And there was a war during the same period in wonderland, Bird Flue came, Fix Finance did not have enough money to feed the Golden Hen. But the Interest was accumulating and now it started to go beyond the cost of the Hen. Regulator started worrying too. And Martin Explained to the regulator that he would find a solution,

The Hen become weaker due to the Bad food, Golden Egg Market become weaker Due to the War In the wonderland, and Fix finance was heading south.

Martin never gave up, He wants to keep fix finance up and running, So he decide to buy few more Golden Hens, So he could have increase the Income. But the regulator warns Martin, they said not to Do it, But Martin was the Only person who had to answer for the Investors he tried all the Methods to lift Fix Finance Up and running. Martin Spend some Money and purchased 10 Golden hens, Now Hen Project become Bigger than Finance Business, And regulator started to fight with Martin, Then Martin and team Fix decide to Hide things from the regulator until they fix the issue ( Mistake Number Three)

All the other finance companies start to look at Martin as a Threat to them. They Started the Don’s theory and attacked Martin from all possible avenues. Martin and the Team fix realized they need more money to run Fix Finance and they must sell some shares to the Public and make some new capita to fix the fix finance.

Martin and the Team Fix manage to sell a large sum of their company to the citizens of Wonder land. They explained the business and the special business of the Golden Hens, and Somehow Martin and the Team Fix manage to sell the company and raise lots of money to fix finance. Everyone was happy. Martin and his Team was successful and there was lot of money in Fix finance and all the depositors was paid, creditors was paid, and everything looks good expect one thing, So many Golden Hens. No one has laid eggs yet.

Martin decides something else this time. He starts a Business with Citizens in Wonderland. He thinks to use citizens of wonderland would help him to build the business. And he started a new venture called Wheels of Fortune. Martin’s idea was to give money to many people to do business and take a part of their profit and interest for him money on Daily basis. He presents his case to the Team Fix and the Team fix was very happy, and they started the Wheels of Fortune.

Martin was right, this time it worked; he decided to rest a Bit (Mistake Number four) he decided to give the Fix Finance to a Team of Gurus in the field. And he invited the Gurus and gave the company and sits back and rest for a while. The Gurus never realized how difficult martin built this to this level and why he and Team Fix hide things and blame Martin for the failures of the company. And the regulators look at this as an opportunity to attack Martin, They informed the Gurus to cancel the Wheels of Fortune and sell the Hens before the Golden Eggs, Regulator never want to see fix finance is fixed. Instead they want it to go down and attack martin and remove martin from the finance industry.

Within weeks gurus efforts were successful, wheels of fortune was crippled, Regulators were happy, everyone else was sad.
And again the depositors of wonderland came to ask for the money, and the regulator made sure this time martin cannot enter the pictures since gurus don’t allowed him. Golden Hens has gone wild since no one protected them. Some hens were missing, some are sick. Wheels of fortune stopped. Fix finance Busted.

Now the citizens of the Wonderland Blame Martin ad Team Fix and the Team Gurus, They Blame Martin for the Golden Hen’s Business, they Blame the regulator for not doing anything without stopping martin doing Golden Hen’s Business, Team Fix Blame Gurus for not protecting the Fix Finance, Gurus Blame Team Fix for Past Errors, Citizens of Wonderland is Doomed. The People who bought shares of Fix finance lost their Money. And the regulator blames every one, why did you invest in Fix Finance. Wonderlands politicians try to make it a politico story,
----------------------------------------------------End of Chapter one---------------------------------------------------------



I re-learned two lessons.

1. Should not count your chicken before the eggs are hatched.
2. Regulator seem to have gone nuts.


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

This may be the story of most of financial institutions.

 will Sri lanka  become Financial HUB in Asia  with present
regulators ?


Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics
Assistant Vice President - Equity Analytics

@ Deepthi,

Nice way to tell a story.. I can guess the company and Martin too. Hope to see chapter-2..


Manager - Equity Analytics
Manager - Equity Analytics

very nice story. what i am learning so far in chapter 1 is

a. they are saying no romance without finance. In Wonderland, even with finance sometimes no love is lost.

b. next time if calling BEN to join company, must making sure it be Bernanke.

c. if you are buying any company called FIX, you will end up in one.

d. before putting all EGGS in one basket (even if GOLDEN egg), please ask HEN. Hen may not like it. after all, HEN crossed road to get to the other side not to keep laying eggs.

e. if DON is appearing at any time, always make him offer he cannot refuse, or you will lose.

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I am surprised as to how the Regulator allowed Fix Finance, a failling company, to fool investors with fake documents in an IPO.


Director - Equity Analytics
Director - Equity Analytics

K.Haputantri wrote:I am surprised as to how the Regulator allowed Fix Finance, a failling company, to fool investors with fake documents in an IPO.
Usually regulators satisfy with the initial documentations provided by the company, they never won't to go through, their view always to maintain the formalties. Most of the Accounting firms know how to prepare (cook up) the documents to satisfy the regulators.


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics

Redbulls has given polite answer. That what we learn under british education system

But real answer may be Regulators also part of the game

This the biggest problem Sri Lanka Financial system facing today

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