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Mahinda’s Long March!

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1Mahinda’s Long March! Empty Mahinda’s Long March! Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:37 am


Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
Senior Vice President - Equity Analytics
What happened on 18 Feb 2015 at Nugegoda should be the beginning of the Long March of Mahinda. My mind goes back to similar situations and occasions that took place in history.

One such occasion was when the Nazis were almost at the gates of Moscow in June 1941. Soviet Union was at the brink of defeat and capitulation. A depressed Marshall Stalin retired to his dacha outside Moscow his own fate in the balance. Although by that time he was a much hated figure in Russia after the 1935-1938 purges, the Russians knew there is no other leader than Stalin who could lead a war against the might of the Third Reich, who had by then invaded the Soviet Union on a 2900 km war front. When the Generals came calling on him Stalin himself feared that he would be arrested for bringing such disaster on the Soviet Union. However that was not to be. They all came with one voice asking him to lead the Soviet Union. Thus commenced the Soviet counter offensive and by April 1945 Red Army was in Berlin and four years and two days to the date of the launching of Operation of Barbarossa, Marshall Stalin held the victory parade in Moscow Red Square.

Earlier elsewhere in China another leader Mao Zedaong took his forces on a long retreat 1934-1935, now famously called the Long March, to escape encirclement by superior forces of the Kuomintang supported by the Western Christian powers. the 6,000-mile (10,000-km) historic trek of the Chinese communists, which resulted in the relocation of the communist revolutionary base from southeastern to northwestern China and in the emergence of Mao Zedong as the undisputed party leader. Fighting Nationalist forces under Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi) throughout their journey, the communist troops crossed 18 mountain ranges and 24 rivers to reach the northwestern province of Shaanxi. The heroism attributed to the Long March inspired many young Chinese to join the Chinese Communist Party during the late 1930s and early 1940s. Finally on 1 October 1949, at the Gates of Heavenly Peace – Tien An Men Square in Peking Chairman Mao Zedong himself declared the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China.

Mahinda Rajapakse too should recognize importance of the historic meeting organized by the patriotic forces at Nugegoda on 18 Feb 2015 and commence his Long March back to power. For this he must be go around the country from town to town, from village to village to rally back the patriotic Sinhalese to fight off the disaster that is waiting to happen. Politics aside he should know by now whom he can depend on for his political resurrection. This will give him the opportunity to test true friendships and allegiances. Fact of the matter is that votes that Mahinda Rajapakse received in 2011 and 2015 are votes for himself and his Ranaviruwoes and not for the SLFP per se! The crowds that came to Nugegoda are not an endorsement for a repeat of the old bad ways, but to lead the nation on a reformation. This can only happen with the empowerment of the majority Sinhalese Buddhists who are the bulwark of his constituency.

The massive endorsement at Nugegoda must be repeated many times over around Sri Lanka to gather support.

For this he cannot depend on the self-serving SLFP old guard. They were never with him during war years. Most of them were on the Un Winnable War platforms” – Sudu Nelum and Thawalama. They remained with him only to bask in the war winning glory. Lot of them are veritable baggage, dead weight and past their use by (expiry) date. It is important that he test the faithfulness of those who follow him – especially the old and useless geriatrics of the party – for MAHINDA Lakuna is the one that will bring votes!

If he tries to save the SLFP instead of the nation he would be doing an ungrateful and unpatriotic act, for it is the nation that is in danger and not the old SLFP – made up of back stabbers, the uncouth and self serving hangers-on. For a second time over he has no excuse but to serve his vote base first and then the rest.

In Colombo what happened on 8 Janurary 2015 was a classic Putsch” engineered by the Western Christian countries, the Christian Churches, Western NGO hordes, the Racist Tamils abroad, Uncouth Islamists, and their lackeys, and cat’s paws in Sri Lanka. Earlier they tried without success to bring crowds onto the streets to make it look like another Color Revolution” or one similar to Arab Springs in the Middle East without success. The gullible Sri Lanka voter took the bait, hook, line and sinker all in one take. Thus commenced the Yaha Palanaya with the sweetner -100 day promise which is turning sour by the day!

On 9 January 2015 the ruling party although still a majority in the parliament capitulated wholesale to the United Christian Party (aka UNP) bullies. Ranil Wickramasinghe the unwinnable leader of the UCP usurped the leadership of the parliament from the Walking Mummy” and appointed a majority Christian Cabinet bringing back memories of another Ngo Dinh Diem regime – this time in Sri Lanka. Some of them are the very grandsons of the failed 1962 Catholic Coup.

They have in a short span of time embarked on trips to Western Nations and India to discuss crucial Sri Lankan Policy matters with no mandate to do so. These are issues that are left best for a parliament that will be there after the parliamentary elections if the intentions are to implement Yaha Palanaya. The current Foreign Minister has no mandate to run around the world and compromise national safety by pandering to the Christian West and India. The subjects that he is overturning overnight are things over which thousands of our Ranaviurowoes sacrificed their life and limbs and the nation suffered through a 30 year war to avert.

As Samurai says

If the Sinhala Buddhists (70% of the population) vote en block they can have their choice as the President. Their vote was badly split at this election. Sizeable numbers of Buddhists voted against Mahinda Rajapakse for no other reason than his apparently incurable weakness for minority appeasing policies.
See article by Dilrook Kannangara on Sinhala Voters are the King Makers and the Ray of Hope for the Defeated”
Inviting the Pope, Canonizing Joseph Vaz as a Saint and recognizing him as an Apostle of Sri Lanka, allowing the multi – culturalizing of Buddhist sites and pilgrim destinations like Sri Pada, Kataragama and Buddhist citadels like Anuradhapura, Dambulla, Mihintale and Mahanuwara (Kandy), allowing new Christian Churches and Mosques to be built in Buddhist holy towns and cities and at a rate totally out of proportion to the numbers of these religious minorities in this country cost the loss of critical numbers of Sinhala Buddhist votes for Rajapakse.”

For Rajapakse to return to power, he must humble and reform himself. The minorities have proven to be un-satisfiable. He must distance himself from the members of his family – wife, children who have helped brought the disaster of a Christian Administration – another Dinh Diem regime to this majority Sinhala Buddhist nation. He must distance himself from the Catholic / Christian Church’s influence and most importantly from the Christian / Catholic hierarchy in Sri Lanka. They worked behind the scenes to engineer his downfall from power.

The problems of Sri Lanka are those due to non-recognition of the rights and privileges of the Sinhalese majority and their current inability to assert themselves in the political and economic spheres. There are some who blame Bodu Bala Sena for the ills of the Rajapakse downfall. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bodu Bala Sena is only a reaction to the step-motherly treatment the Buddhist and Buddha Sasana are receiving at the hands of the powers that be. It is not because of Bodu Bala Sena, that ISIS terrorists are killing, raping and plundering willy nilly in the Middle East. It is because of intolerance that is ingrained in Islam which is now making itself raising its head in Sri Lanka.

Mahinda Rajapakse need to consolidate his powerbase and rise up like the phoenix from the ashes of 8 Jan 2015. Nugegoda gathering was a meeting of minds of those who voted for him and those who were deceived by the promises of good governance

Nations eternal gratitude goes out to the Maha Sangha, Dinesh Gunawardana, Wimal Weerawansa Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Udaya Gammanpila for organizing the mammoth rally in Nugegoda.

We wish a reformed Mahinda Rajapakse, the Blessings of the Holy Triple Gems to return to power in the not too distant future and save the Buddhist nation from the usurpers of power. We hope that he will have the energy and strength to complete the Sri Lanka Long March and save the nation from the new Portuguese – that is the United Chistian Party formerly called the UNP.

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